She’s Here!

Time for a new addition at The House of the Fox Dogs. Introducing, Zora!


Zora at 6 weeks, photo by Liberty Akitas

Zora is an American Akita, bred by Liberty Akitas in Oklahoma.  I have been wanting a Liberty dog ever since I met the Bennetts several years ago, and I inquired about upcoming litters after we lost Bel.  Last weekend, little Miss Zora came home with us.

Years ago, I met her grandsire, Bugatti, at a show, and was quite taken with how friendly and even silly he was (he was just a pup then!)  I also met Demi  at that same show.   I really wanted a Bugatti puppy, but we were full up on dogs at that time, since in the intervening years we’d gotten our Whirlwind of Naughty, the Kai Ken Leo.

But this year, everything fell into place.  Zora’s sire is Bugatti son Clooney, and the lovely Demi is her dam.  Clooney is gorgeous, and it was fun to meet him and see he was as fun loving and wonderful as I remembered Bugatti to be, and Demi is a lovely lady.  And now we have Zora!


Zora, 8.5 weeks

As you can see, she is a mostly white hooded girl, and while her head looks black in some photos, she actually has some brindle on her neck and cheeks.  And she has the black spot near her tail that a friend christened her “spanking spots!”  She’s a lively, curious girl, who has charmed everyone she’s met, including our dogs.   While it takes Oskar the big boy awhile to adjust to puppies, he’s already much less grouchy with her than he was with Leo (though they only are having very limited controlled meetings for now).  Toby ignores her (but he also only has met her while she was crated). Leo spent two days trying to ignore her and pointedly ignoring me (oh Leo’s feelings are hurt!  He’s not the baby anymore!) but Zora was determined to make friends and less than a week later, they are already comfortable with one another.


Little Miss is busy, into everything.  She’s an adventurous girl, and in her short time here has already explored much of our large yard.  She climbed up the stairs on her second day here, and has already mastered going up the outside stairs, which are open stairs and harder for dogs.  Indoors, she loves a good game of tug, and outdoors, she likes to climb and jump and run.


Indoor activities include getting into EVERYTHING!


You had to wash these anyway, right?

So things have changed at the House of the Fox Dogs, and sadly, we are almost not really a house of Fox Dogs anymore, as now we only have one Shiba, Toby.   But I’ll keep the name, even though we’re becoming a house of Akitas these days.

I hope to have a few different type of blog posts in the next couple of months.  While I intend to keep up my sporadic dog updates (more pics of Zora, I promise!), I’ve also been working on two dog related writing projects, one a longish fantasy story about Japanese dogs, and also an essay about Bel.  I’ve decided to post both of them here, probably in a series of entries since both are long.   So look for that in the next few months, and I also promise to update with pictures of Zora, the Queen of Cute (and thanks to another friend for coming up with that nickname!)

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this photo of Little Miss on “guard” duty.


Zora on her first day home (thanks Marisa for this pic!)

And a huge thank you to Liberty Akitas for trusting us with this sweet little monster, to Marisa for driving out to Oklahoma with me to get her, and for my husband for holding down the fort while I was gone, and managing the rest of the canine crew.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    Nov 02, 2013 @ 20:24:57

    So much love for little Zora! And I’m glad that your canine household is going in a peaceful direction these days. You needed it after your last few years.


  2. doggess76
    Dec 03, 2013 @ 13:52:22

    Zora is precious! I love her “spanking spot!” Although they are too big for me, Akitas will always represent the utmost in canine aesthetics to me.


    • shibamistress
      Dec 03, 2013 @ 21:01:28

      Thanks! She is a cutie, and will probably be on the small side for an Akita, so she’ll fall in between my giant boy, Oskar, who is 120 pounds, and Leo the Kai Ken who is 40. (hmmm…Toby is 50 pounds, so I guess in between Toby and Oskar! It’s just he’s not supposed to be 50 pounds, of course!)


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