Toby in Need

I haven’t updated this for awhile, but now, Toby is in need, and it’s time to do it.  If you follow the link to the fundraiser, you’ll see more details of the family crisis we’ve fallen into.  Basically, Toby has always had luxating patellas in both knees, but this spring, it got much worse in the right leg, and at some point, he tore the ACL too.   Now we’ve been through this with Jezebel (now happily hunting beyond the rainbow bridge) and so I’m familiar with both injury and the possibilities for recovery:  it’s a slow process, but it does work.

Here at the House of the Fox Dogs, we normally have money set aside for vet bills. Unfortunately, this is not the case now, for a couple of reasons. We quickly spent a lot of money on consultations, first of all (nearly $500 so far). This is what the vets told us. One highly recommended vet has a nonsurgical method that will cost us approximately $1200. Our regular vet can do the old fashioned surgery (like she did for Bel) for $1800-$2000. Or a third vet, an orthopedic surgeon, will do the “new” surgery on Toby for approximately $5000.

Toby on his 11th birthday

Toby on his 11th birthday

It would never be easy for us to raise this money, but normally, the two less expensive options would be within reach, and I wouldn’t have to ask for help. Unfortunately, just a few weeks ago, I had a family emergency with my mother in Alaska, and have spent quite a bit of money, already going back and forth trying to help her. I also discovered she had incurred debt in my name that needs to be paid off. This emergency has already stretched our family resources as far as they can be stretched and beyond. So I’m finding myself in the difficult situation of asking for help. The fundraiser link is here:

I’m hoping to cover Toby’s health care first, and if there is more money left, then I’ll pay down the debt. And if there is any money left beyond those things, I will donate the rest to Shiba rescue. If you can help–be it through donating, or sending encouraging words, or through boosting the signal–we appreciate it!

2015-02-09 14.53.10

Toby at the vet, getting the bad news about his leg.


Toby is 11. He is happy and relatively healthy for an 11 year old. He’s sort of deaf, though he won’t admit it, and is starting to develop cataracts. But he is mentally as sharp as ever, and still quite interested in life. He’s a Shiba, and could easily live to 16, 17, or 18. Without some treatment soon for his leg, however, he’s likely to injure the other leg as well, and if he can’t walk….well, you can see this would shorten his life (and break his person’s heart). With treatment, he’ll be able to use the leg again, and enjoy the rest of years pain free.

Toby says thank you for your support!

Toby says thank you for your support!

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